Presentations in public domain:

An Elemental Impurities Excipient Database: A Viable Tool for ICH Q3D Drug Product Risk Assessment
Boetzel R, Ceszlak A, Day C, Drumm P, Bejar JG, Glennon J, Harris L, Heghes CI, Horga R, Jacobs PL, Keurentjes WJTM, King F, Lee CW, Lewen N, Marchant CA, Maris FA, Nye W, Powell S, Rockstroh H, Rutter L, Schweitzer M, Shannon E, Smallshaw L, Teasdale A, Thompson S, Wilkinson
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2018), doi: 10.1016/j.xphs.2018.04.009 (Open Access)

Identification of Drug Metabolites in Human Plasma or Serum integrating Metabolite Prediction, LC-HRMS and untargeted Data Processing
Peter L. Jacobs1,2; Lars Ridder3,4; Marco Ruijken5; Hilde Rosing6; Nynke G.L. Jager6; Jos H. Beijnen6; Richard R. Bas1, William D. van Dongen1
1TNO Triskelion BV, Zeist, The Netherlands; 2MSam, Oss, The Netherlands; 3Laboratory of Biochemistry, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands; 4Netherlands eScience Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 5MsMetrix, Maarssen, The Netherlands; 6Slotervaart Hospital, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bioanalysis, 2013, 5(17), 2115-2128

Identification of Tamoxifen Metabolites in Human Serum using the iHumite Workflow: Metabolite Prediction, LC-HRMS and MS Vendor Independent Data Processing
Peter L. Jacobs; Lars Ridder; Marco Ruijken; Hilde Rosing; Nynke G.L. Jager; Jos H. Beijnen; Richard R. Bas; William D. van Dongen
Proceedings of the ASMS, Minneapolis, 2013, WP 252

iHUMITE®: cost efficient, systematic and accurate human drug metabolite profiling
William D. van Dongen,  Peter L. Jacobs, Lars Ridder, Marco Ruijken
Proceedings of the EBF 3rd Focus Meeting, Brussels, 2012

Metabolite Prediction in the iHumite® Workflow for First-in-Man and Preclinical Coverage Studies
Peter L. Jacobs, Lars Ridder, Marco Ruijken, William D. van Dongen
Proceedings of the ASMS, Vancouver, 2012, WP 475

Metabolite Identification In Beagle Dog Bile Collected With The Entero-Test® Device

Peter Jacobs, Rianne Gloudemans, Henk van Hal, Marlou van Iersel and Eric van der Meulen
MSD, Oss, The Netherlands
Proceedings of the ASMS, Denver, 2011, MOF 15.10

Metabolism and excretion of asenapine in healthy male subjects
S F M van de Wetering-Krebbers, P L Jacobs, G J Kemperman, E Spaans, P A M Peeters, L P C Delbressine, and M L P S van Iersel
MSD, Oss, The Netherlands
Drug Metab Dispos 2011, 39, 580-590